Saturday, July 20, 2024

Goodbye is the Goal

Some people claim they can’t foster because they wouldn’t be able to say goodbye.  I’m sitting here thinking about Ella, how I’m going to have to say goodbye to her in 2 weeks.  2 weeks! And I’m already crying over it. Ella is the 3rd kitten that I’ve gotten extra attached to since I started fostering back in March.  The last one was Justice. I still keep his fuzzy mouse on my nightstand because it got lost in my sheets and I couldn’t find it the day day he went back to the shelter.  Most days I think I should have kept him. I try to remind myself that goodbye is the goal. And honestly not being able to say goodbye is a valid concern. But so what if you fall in love and end up with an extra cat? Or 2 or 3 or 4? As long as you are ready for the commitment, that’s a good thing that those babies now have a forever home. As for me though… I think if I had kept Justice, and Dutchess before him, that my home would be too full to keep fostering and I never would have met Ella, or her brothers, or the kittens that came before them.  So here’s to the tears shed for babies we’ve loved and to the kittens we haven’t met yet who we are going to fall in love with. And if you end up “foster failing” – so what? Foster anyways.

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